Advice for the Men: Choosing an Engagement Ring to Surprise and Excite

shopping-for-engagement-ringAs the groom to be, you have the unique and interesting duty of finding an engagement ring for your beautiful bride to be. Shopping for an engagement ring can be either fun and interesting, or challenging for men. Some have little sense of the kind of style they want for their fiancé. Others don’t really have a set budget, or can’t agree on any one piece. Follow this guide for some practical advice you can use to find an engagement ring she’ll love.

Look for Something Timeless

It’s hard to quantify what is meant as timeless, so you might want to look at some historical reference. Old ads for art deco rings or vintage fashion magazines can help provide some point of comparison. Styles have evolved, but not have evolved so much. Take the classic “solitaire” as an example. For a more romantic angle, try rings with an ivy metalwork pattern.

Spend on a Ring that’s Worth It

Mass produced rings don’t tend to accumulate value over time, but they can cost you an arm and a leg up front. Antique engagement rings, according to Cynthia Findlay Antiques, have been appraised for a certain value and are likely to increase as time goes on. Plus, these pieces are intricate and can make the perfect heirloom to pass down to grand children later in life.

Shop Outside the Mainstream

Mass produced rings look similar in style, so it’s possible that your fiancé will see her ring on someone else’s finger while she is out and about. Vintage engagement rings, on the other hand, are literally handed down over generations. There is a significantly reduced chance you’ll ever find a piece like it in the wild. In fact, you may not ever find a piece by the same designer!