Makeup Tricks Using Contour and Highlighting

This blog was written by Cosmix Inc.

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Some of us have perfect cheekbones while others don’t have any. Some of us have tiny button noses while others have long or crooked noses. Luckily there is makeup to help us create the look we want without going under the knife. Using basic contour and highlighting techniques, it’s possible to correct, color, shape and enhance facial features. Here are a few of the techniques provided by Cosmix Inc., a makeup artistry school in South Florida.

  • No cheekbones. Not everyone has sculpted cheekbones like Halle Berry, but we can create the look with the right makeup. For eye-catching cheekbones, draw a fake line from the middle of your ear to the corner of your mouth. Highlight on top of the line and shade underneath it for instant cheekbones.
  • Prominent chin. If your chin wants center stage, it’s easy to give it a supporting role with the right makeup training techniques. Shade your chin and blend well with the rest of your face. Shading your chin softens and minimizes the size of your chin. This trick also works for people with double chins.
  • Crooked nose. It’s easy to fix a crooked nose with the right makeup technique. To straighten a crooked nose, shade the areas you want to reduce. Next, highlight down the center of the nose with a straight line.

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