How To Create The Bohemian Look

Artists, models, world travelers, and fashionistas love the boho look. Free spirited individuals will love dressing up in these 4 bohemian inspired fashion pieces.

Flowy Skirt or Dress: Wearing dresses and skirts that are solid in color and flow unrestricted are signature pieces for the girl with hippie or boho style. Wearing natural colors or a vibrant earthy red is a good way to go. Patterns like paisley or a cotton or gauze dress or skirt will keep you on trend. Tight bodycon dresses are for the club and ball gowns are for the red carpet, flowy dresses and skirts are for everyday fashion.

Loose Tops: Flowy tank tops, halter tops, tunics and blouses are very popular in boho fashion. Wearing earth tones like greens, browns, greys, and other floral patterns can be very bohemian. Tops like chambray denim can look great when paired with simple cross earrings and a long flowing red skirt.

Earth Tone Boots: Ankle or mid rise boots work well with skinny jeans and both long and short skirts. Suede and leather boots, booties, and heels are really popular right now and can be found at boutique shops and high end retailers.

Hats: Floppy felt, Panama hat, Gaucho hat, Straw boater, and even a floppy brimmed Fedora can do the trick! These hats typically have a wider brim around the outside of the hat that lends itself to the boho style. Wear your hair cascading down naturally and with pieces of Christian Jewelry to weave the entire bohemian look together.