Jewelry Styling According to Your Wardrobe Personality

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Dressing to match our personality is how people express themselves and their approach to life. With so many online shopping portals selling a variety of looks, knowing your personality wardrobe will make it easier to select and put together and an outfit that will make you feel your best. Here are 5 different wardrobes and the type of jewelry that would suit them best.

Classic personalities – These personalities like staples in neutral shades that are durable. They also prefer to spend their money on quality clothing and jewelry. Classics will wear pearls and watches that are neutral. Most often they will buy jewelry made from yellow gold with diamonds.

Dramatic personalities – Dramatic personalities love bold colors and statement pieces. They will buy one-off pieces from their travels or from thrift stores and mix and match their clothing and jewelry. They will try to find one-of-a-kind piece, like large cocktail rings.

Romantic Personalities – Romantics love strappy dresses, frills, and lace. These personalities will love to get dressed up for events and prefer party wear to work wear. Romantics will love sparkling crystals, which are delicate and feminine.

Natural personalities – These personalities love natural fabrics and textures in casual styles. They will prefer jewelry made with leather and suede in simple styles.

Gamine personalities –Gamines will follow the latest street styles and mix high and vintage fashion trends. Jewelry will revolve around what’s on trend and will be centered on the wearer’s outfit.

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