How to identify a fine jewelry piece

Written by: Fancy That Jewelry Design

Many interchangeably call it “fine jewelry” or “finest Jewelry.” For many fine jewelry is dedication to the highest quality standards, use of best materials available in the piece, and second to none customer service. Some add guarantee of the product and knowledgeable staff to this list of qualities.

To a naked eye the difference between fine jewelry piece and costume jewelry may be difficult to identify. Modern costume jewelry are made such precise way plating, dipping, and filling make it hard to separate from fine jewelry. But to a trained eye they can be easily separated. A detail inspection can reveal the coating of the underlying metal.

 photo ring1_zpspzxrhgfe.jpgFine jewelry dates back to the 19th century and are made of gold, sterling silver, platinum and gemstones and the pieces made of these may reflect the artistic styles of the period like the 1940’s retro styles. Fine jewelry could last for generations and made of authentic material. To be called fine, the metal content should be 10 karats or higher. Higher the karats the color of the product becomes deeper. But white gold stays the same color even with higher karats. Higher karate gold becomes softer and will scratch more easily than lower karat gold.