Modern Design Trends for the Bedroom


If the look you’re trying to create is contemporary or modern for the bedroom, luxury bedding sets might be the way to go. Designers use high-quality materials, and they often sell matching sets of products that enhance the comfort and style of the bedroom, bathroom and more. Read on for some trends in modern design.

Vera Wang bedding is luxurious, including colored prints and modern looks. You can also find more feminine prints, like floral designs, that add a touch of elegance to the room. Don’t stop at bedding though.

Curtains for the bedroom serve two important functions. Thicker curtains can dampen sound, but most are there to reflect light and darken the bedroom. This is contrary to plantation blinds, which really only serve to dampen light. Curtains are also extremely easy to install.

Moving on to the bedroom, you may want a memory foam mat before the bathtub. These mats are designed to soak up the excess water that drips from our bodies after a shower, and they are comforting to our feet too. The rubber bottom also makes sure the mat won’t slip from beneath you.

The final tip involves accessories. Those living in the city may find a white noise machine will help you sleep easier at night. Those with hardwood floors may find a throw rug to be comfortable during cold mornings.

The most important design tip to remember is to be inventive. You may find that blending a variety of styles is what’s needed to create a beautiful bedroom that feels inviting.


Stephanie Lichtenstein Ramos presents modern design ideas on behalf of BeddingStyle, the Web’s premier destination for designer bed sets.