Recommended Features of a Jewelry Safe


Article Written by : UNO Art Gallery

There are many jewelry safes available but not all of them can be considered good enough. To make sure that you are getting the safe that best serves its purpose, there are things you need to take into account. Specifically, there are features you should be looking for in a jewelry safe to avoid making the wrong choice. These features are briefly discussed below.

  • Security and Reliability – This is the most important feature you have to evaluate. There are ratings to help you determine if the safe is suitable for your need. Of course, the higher rating will always be better but will also be more expensive. High security and commercial safes for jewelry are usually rated at TL-15 at minimum. These safes are designed to be tool-resistant for up 15 minutes are potentially secures valuables of up to $125,000. For home use, a minimum of 1 inch wall thickness should suffice and be tool-resistant for at least 15 minutes. For commercial applications (jewelry stores for example), a body of at least 3.5 inches thick is advised.
  • Customizable Interior – Not everyone owns the same sets of jewelry. As such, the jewelry to be put inside the safe won’t always fit in the same way. That’s why it’s always better to have a customizable interior. The drawers preferably should allow some rearranging to achieve the best fit for the jewelry pieces being put into them.
  • Compact or Irremovable? – Some prefer compact safes so they can be easily embedded on walls or on the floor and hidden away from a burglar’s immediate sight. Others however prefer heavy and bulky ones that may be screwed onto the floor or wall so burglars will find it difficult to simply take them away. Embedded and concealed safes are generally better but not every house or building has enough of the wall thickness to accommodate them. Also, it takes time and effort to have them installed. Whether you choose something compact or irremovable is something you decide upon based on your budget, available space, and preference.
  • Electronic or Mechanical? – Again, this is something you decide based on preference although you have to bear in mind that electronic safes are more expensive. As long as the safe has the security certification or if it comes from a reputable seller, you should be fine with either choice. It’s just a matter of convenience. Many would consider electronic locks as something more convenient though there are those who prefer the traditional protection of mechanical locks.
  • Fire Resistance – Fire resistance is not an essential feature for safes intended for jewelry. However, having it would be great. Just don’t rely on fire resistance to protect your precious metal jewelry if you are unable to retrieve them within a couple of hours.
  • Price – It is also important to look at the price. A reliable safe for your jewelry is an investment and may cost a fortune. However, it shouldn’t cost more than or close to the items you are trying to protect. Be sure to find good options especially through the Internet.

If you invest on jewelry, you should also be ready to invest in a good safe to house these valuable items. Just be sure you are exercising prudent judgment in buying your safe. It should be secure, durable, and flexible. It should offer some level of customization in the interior to easily fit in your jewelry pieces.