Types of Vintage Engagement Rings

Written by: Cynthia Findlay Antiques.

Vintage engagement rings are the perfect choice to highlight the unique love that some couples feel toward each other. The classic looks and styles of vintage and estate jewellery still hold sway today, with designs that modern jewelers can’t duplicate. Vintage rings also symbolize the timeless and beautiful love between two people. If you’re considering purchasing an engagement or wedding ring, check out some vintage jewellery first.

Shopping with jewelers that specialize in vintage items is a good way to ensure your piece is authentically vintage. Varied and romantic, a well-maintained collection can take hours to browse through. Feel free to ask lots of questions about the background of the pieces, especially art styles. Dealers are knowledgeable about their stock because they spent time building it themselves.

Another advantage to buying from a professional is the selection. Rather than hoping for one vintage ring, which can take months of hard work to track down, you can choose from among several styles. Art deco rings, for instance, are quite popular for their geometric shapes and intricate designs. The rings themselves can be hard to find if the buyer is hunting through various private dealers.

It also becomes difficult to shop for rings from a certain era, unless you know private parties who can trace family members back that far. Some handmade pieces can be especially hard to find because they are so rare and delicate. Just be sure you get thorough instructions on how to clean and maintain your vintage jewellery so it will continue to hold its luster.


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