Popular Styles of Antique Engagement Rings

antique-engagement-ringBrides-to-be who are seeking a unique look are turning to vintage engagement rings to offer something fresh. The ring becomes an antique when it’s older than 100 years, by definition, but vintage rings may refer to rings below that age threshold. When you’re shopping for rings, understanding the style you’re looking at can clue you into the ring’s age, says Cynthia Findlay Antiques.


Victorian antique engagement rings offer very elegant designs that typically feature rows of diamonds , and a so-called “mine cut” facet at the bottom. Victorian rings also included pearls in some settings. The important thing to know about pearl settings is that they might not be suitable for everyday wear. Try and remember most Victorian rings are often older than 100 years.


The Edwardian period was marked by the invention of the oxyacetylene torch, which made it possible to craft platinum into lacy and wistful shapes. Typical Edwardian rings contain milgraining or filigree details, and diamonds with a rose cut. Sapphires were also popular gemstones, and are common in Edwardian pieces.

Art Deco

Characterized by its geometric shapes, art deco jewellery marked the roaring 20s. Machinery and jazz ruled the era, and architecture was a prime artistic pursuit. The jewellery of the period reflects that look, and pieces are typically symmetrical in nature. These rings are some of the most popular for newlyweds today.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know the styles, you’re equipped to find the piece of your dreams. If you can’t settle on a single style, or you like elements from every style, then you may want to consider custom jewellery from Toronto.