Why Art Deco Rings Remain Timeless Across the Ages

Art deco rose to prominence during the height of the roaring twenties, when style and luxury were oozing from all corners of the country. It represented that luxury, the height of glamour and exuberance, by reflecting on the styles of old with some new and unique twists.

Thanks to improvements in stainless steel work, art deco began experimenting with geometric patterns in architectural design. That seeped into everything, from antique engagement rings to home décor.

Art deco rings challenge modern convention with unique stone placements. Diamonds are still a prominent feature in most settings, but aquamarine, sapphire and pearl offer some character and intrigue that you don’t often find today.

The symmetry of these pieces is alluring to the eyes, it’s a pleasing balance. Vintage engagement rings from that era utilize such intricate metalwork, like ivy filigree and beautiful milgrain.

Although, it’s just a simple trip to your local jeweler (who will often clean the piece for free).

Another reason art deco remains timeless, says Cynthia Findlay Antiques, is that it is such an iconic part of our culture, both in the past and present. The iconic skylines of New York and Chicago are reflective of that time period. It was a truly modern style in its inception, and is one of the first internationally recognized art styles. You can travel anywhere around the globe, and find high fashion connoisseurs taking an interest in art deco buildings, jewellery, and craftsmanship.

Wherever you travel, art deco will always be in fashion.